1. What do you mean by organic?

 Ans: A product is called organic when it is produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic or chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, bioengineering, sewage sludge and ionized irradiation. In the case of animal produce such as meat or dairy products, the animals should not be fed antibiotics and growth hormones to be considered organic.

2. What is the difference between organic and natural product?

 Ans: Natural products are products that have minimal synthetic or chemical processing and are closer to naturally derived plant or animal extracts. While organic products are strictly regulated and require stringent compliance to standards specified by certification authorities, natural products lack regulation. However they are safer than conventional products.

3. How do I know if a product is organic?

 Ans: All organic producers must obtain certification from their respective national certification agencies. Check Ezzshopp Certification page to know commonly obtained certifications. These certificates are provided after thorough inspection of production methods and processing. Some producers obtain certificates of other countries as well, where their products are marketed.

4. Why are Ezzshopp products expensive?

Ans: Environmental friendly products are expensive because of the following reasons:
 • Labor intensive production methods
 • Small scale production
 • Time consuming
 • High certification cost
However, the benefits outweigh costs in terms of health and sustainable living. With more people turning to eco friendly goods, the cost is expected to decline in the coming years.

5. Why do organic and natural products look dull?

 Ans: Unlike synthetic products, natural products do not have artificial coloring agents or fragrance. No growth hormones are injected to multiply size. So, as per Nature’s law, every organism has its own pace of growth. Food items may look dull, irregular in shape and size. Soaps may not produce much foam; creams may not last long on the skin. But these are the characteristics of natural eco friendly products that would cause little or no damage to environment in the long run, which includes human beings.

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